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Check Out these Exciting Race Web Sites

The Old Farts Running Club are the Race Sponsors who are putting on the Beat the Grandma 5k Road Race and these other running events...check out each individual web site below to be the know! Also Check out www.oldfartsrunningclub.mysite.com



email coachdroski@aim.com if you have any questions


In June is the Beat the Grandma 5K 

If you always wanted to run ON THE TRAILS, well heres your chance...the T-REX TRAIL TEN MILER... visit www.trextenmiler.mysite.com for more details...this will be one race to remember!!! There will also be a Wimpy 8K with this race for those not up for the ten mile challenge.



Are You UP for a Challenge?

Well do we have a race for you...the Old Farts Running Club is putting on a new race called the INCLINATOR. Thirty-six flights of the toughest staircase in Grand Rapids. So if you are UP for a challenge then look on our main web site for up coming details.