2011 Results

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Sunny skies greeted the 68 runners ready to toe the line, a first for Old Farts history as the first 3 finishers were female, closely followed in 4th place by 83 year old Jerry Johncock. In fact 42 of the 68 finishers were female, either the guys were resting up for Fathers Day or they were afraid of trying to "Beat the Grandma"? Congratulations to the Neevel family for completing their first 5k and Happy Birthday to Shannon Gabel who celebrated her 40th birthday by trying to beat the Grandma. We had 10 runners who were 60 years old or older who finished the race led by 84 year old Wally Ypma  and 81 year old Mary Neumann (7th overall). Thanks to all the Old Farts and young Farts who participated this year and we look forward to seeing you and some new Farts in 2012. 

Times listed are clock times, you need to add your handicap time to this to have your actual 5k time.

Overall Champion- Overall Female Champion:Pat Dancey

Overall Male Champion: Jerry Johncock

1st-Pat Dancey 13:33 (female) 2nd-Caroline Cook 14:12 (female) 3rd-Devin VanDoornik 16:31 (female) 4th-Jerry Johncock 17:13 (male) 5th-Kris Cadwell 17:14 (female) 6th-Seph Dabrowski 18:17 (male) 7th-Mary Neuman 18:23 (female) 8th-Colleen Sholtis 18:49 (female) 9th-Betty Anne Hevel 18:54 (female) 10th-Natalie Funk 19:01 (female) 11th-Mckenna VanDoornik 19:17 (female) 12th-Modesto Castillo 19:26 (male) 13th-Rene Garcia  19:39 (male) 14th-Bryce Morningstar 19:32 (male) 15th-Jaiden VanDoornik 19:49 (female) 16th-Ed Grube 19:54 (male) 17th-Michael Kersjes 20:02 (male) 18th-Marge Novak 20:08 (female) 19th-Kori Dawson 20:10 (female) 20th-Stephanie Morningstar 20:14 (female) 21st-Jennifer Smitherman 20:31 (female) 22nd-Isaac Ulandwicz 21:02 (male) 23rd-Erin Stedman 21:12 (female) 24th-Melissa Jachim  21:22 (female) 25th-Jim Schaak 21:28 (male) 26th-Dan Sytsma 21:40 (male) 27th-Sandi Hebert 21:53 (female) 28th-Tom Dancey 22:11 (male) 29th-Sue Molloy 22:50 (female) 30th-Dan Molloy 22:52 (male) 31st-Margaret Nichols 23:23 (female) 32nd-Denise Woody 23:36 (female) 33rd-Tim Leonard 23:41 (male) 34th-Leigh VanDoornik 23:43 (female) 35th-Danielle Ulanowicz 23:48 (female) 36th-Austin Gracia 23:55 (male) 37th-Jon Yates 24:08 (male) 38th-Jillian Dabrowski 24:09 (female) 39th-Grace Heerlyn 24:24 (female) 40th-Roger Maulder 24:26 (male) 41st-Dominic Carattini 24:46 (male) 42nd-Tim Choronzy 24:50 (male) 43rd-Jackie Sutton 25:13 (female) 44th-Jessica Crane 25:52 (female) 45th-Mason Daniels 26:34 (male) 46th-Anne Bronkema 26:57 (female) 47th-Shannon Gabel 27:39 (female) 48th-Wally Ypma 28:24 (male) 49th-Jessica Molloy 29:46 (female) 50th-Kalyn Pond 29:50 (female) 51st-Rebecca N. Gannon 29:53 (female) 52nd-Heather Gannon 29:54 (female) 53rd-Kaitlin MacGregor 30:30 (female) 54th-Ali Neevel 30:31 (female) 55th-Ken Neevel 31:09 (male) 56th-Matt Mitchel 31:27 (male) 57th-Andres Diaz 31:42 (male) 58th-Gina Render 31:43 (female) 59th-Mike Fecteau 32:12 (male) 60th-Sara Neevel 33:05 (female) 61st-Kelli Neevel 33:34 (female) 62nd-Stephen King 33:35 (male) 63rd-Beth Fecteau 36:29 (female) 64th-Stephanie Kennedy 39:37 (female) 65th-Lacie Wendell 45:18 66th-Candy McKenney 46:07 (female) 67th-Lindsay Dykstra 46:08 (female) 68th-Katie Nichols 46:47 (female)